It is always so hard to part ways but the time has come.  As I have observed over the last few months many things are probably best left out of my life.

With that said I am bidding farewell to a few things.

  1. Facebook – I say arrivederci to.  I removed it from my phone about 3-4 months ago and have cut back on visiting it at all since November.  There is nothing good being said by most.  It is sad to me that it has become what it has become.  The censorship, the negativity…farewell….It will give me some time to be more productive and spend more time with family and friends…(Crazy idea).
  2. Google – Hasta La Vista…I tried my best to move away from Google, I think there intentions are not in my best interest.  I have migrate my email (all except work) to my own service, I stopped using Google as a search engine and instead am using DuckDuckGo.  I moved away from Google Chrome browser and am using Brave Browser… It shows that since my move it has blocked 49,595 trackers & ads, saved 1.67 gb of bandwidth, and the best part saved me 42 minutes of time.
  3. Twitter –  Not that I really used it anyway but I have deleted all my accounts with them as well.

I have decided that I will use this avenue my website to post things that I want to share…pictures, stores, achievements, whatever it maybe…If you would like to check back when you think of me awesome…if not we will see each other when we see each other…

Sending positive thoughts and well wishes to all…

Just for a fun visual add…lol

Timm Cuzzo

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