February Updates.

March 1, 2021

Well, that just flew by...February is in the books, it was a busy month..exciting news youth sports are able to start playing, which is going to lead to lots of soccer...this will require me to stay focused on the goal.

Feb went well...we were out of town and I missed a few days so slightly off track but I can catch up...Still enjoying the intervals.

Excited to say, haven't really changed up the diet and was still successful in dropping 6 pounds...maybe this stuff is working...LOL.

Walking was consistent when in town, rowing a little off...so time to focus... 2% off from my goal...

Here are my numbers...

Totals for February:
Rowed: 60K meters
Walked: 63 miles

YTD Totals:
Rowed: 144.2K meters (14% of goal)
Walked: 142 miles
WODS: 16

Look for the next update at the end of the Month.

Crossfit Games kick off on March 11th, even though I'm not at that level...I plan to participate in the open...if you care to take a look at how I do, visit my profile.

One comment on “February Updates”

  1. Another Job Well Done!! Congratulations! I don't care what ya say.... those are very impressive numbers! look forward to seeing your Crossfit post!!

    thanks for sharing!

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