January Update.

February 1, 2021

Wrapping up the first month of the year....Wholly cow how is that possible...

Feeling good this week.  Really liking the intervals, they are a lot but good way to break it up.

A little sad...did my weigh for the end of the month and added a few lbs...So I guess they are right, diet does matter...:(

Only 1 WOD this week(slacked a little bit), walking was consistent, exceeded the weekly goal on rowing, and met my first month goal...

Here are my numbers...

This week:
Rowed: 17.2K meters
Walked: 16 miles

Totals for January:
Rowed: 84.2K meters
Walked: 79 miles
WODS: 10

Look for the next update at the end of the Month.

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