My road to 1 million.

1 million meters on a rower that is...

Last year 2020, I started out in January with the goal of rowing 1 million meters by the end of the year.  
Well, I lost it about 25% of the way in.  
This year 2021, I plan to achieve the goal of 1 million meters in a year.  This year though, I'm going to put it out there for others to watch my journey here on this page.  
That's right I will be posting weekly updates, starting the first week of January.  If I have people watching and checking up on me it will create accountability.  As a result I will continue to push to accomplish my goal.  

So sign up on the right to get email updates, comment on my posts below, join me rowing...whatever you are cool with just help me by pushing me...

Thank you!!

So here it is broken down: (also same breakdown to get to 1 million dollars)
Daily: 2,740
Weekly: 19,231
Monthly: 83,333
Some days I'll go over, some days I'll miss, but I will meet my goal of 1,000,000 meters in 2021.
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Official details
JAN: 84,200 METERS, 224#
Feb: 60,000 Meters, 226#
March: 0 METERS, 224#
April: M
Official Program
Official TEE
Official Shoe
Official Sock
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