01.25.21 Update - Road to a Million

One more week in the books.  We got our new items for the gym..good start still looking to add a few more things.

Feeling great this week.  Added some variety in my rowing this week.  Some intervals, some included in the WOD and a long one broken into speed and then slow...it was a good one.

Made an acrylic board to keep track of my rowing more easily...day by day of the week and then a total for the month...should make like easier.

2 WOD's this week, walking was consistent, exceeded the weekly goal on rowing, It's looking good for meeting my first month goal...

Here are my numbers...

This week:
Rowed: 20K meters
Walked: 16 miles

Totals for January:
Rowed: 67K meters
Walked: 63 miles

Thinking it will be easier to change my post schedule to once a month, so I will post next week at the beginning of the month and then the first week of every month moving forward.

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